The time it was an inquiry

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So.  Everyone should know about my epic love for Michelle Hodkin and all things Mara Dyer.  Especially Noah Shaw.  Even though I flew to Chicago for her, I want to fangirl over meet her again.

Today the cover for Retribution was released and it is stunning.


Look at them all together.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

I realize that it’s too early for Michelle to know tour dates.  However, it’s not too early for me to be trying to get her to Southern California.  I’ve already been in contact with Maryelizabeth at Mysterious Galaxy and she is more than happy to put in a request with the publisher to get Michelle to the Redondo Beach store.

This is where you come in…

Would you come see a Michelle Hodkin event?  I need to provide Maryelizabeth with some basic stats as to how many people would be attending.  She needs to give that to the publisher to show that it would be a great stop with excellent book sales.

As far as I know, Michelle hasn’t been to the LA area.  When she toured for Unbecoming, she was up in San Francisco.

Please please please leave a comment below if it’s something you would go to.

Thank you!!

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34 Responses to “The time it was an inquiry”

  1. i am going to admit that i haven't read any of michelle's books yet but they're on the list. i would definitely want to go if she was in the area. that way i could get all the books and get them signed, too. :)

  2. I would absolutely go to this event.. I love Michelle's books. And YES that cover is beautiful, just like the others. Please come to MGRB!!!

  3. LA need some love. I'd definitely go if she comes to LA for a signing. I adored the Mara Dyer books. I'd totally spread the word if she comes to LA.

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