The time it was three french hens

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Three french hens.  Really? It’s starting to become quite the bird sanctuary.  Day three of the 12 Days of Christmas is here!!


Today the amazing Cristin Terrill is here to share a funny Christmas story that involves pie.  Let’s welcome her, yes?


Around Thanksgiving, a friend gave my grandmother a cherry pie. My grandmother — who, incidentally, had terrible eyesight — was a very meticulous woman, and so she immediately wrapped the pie up in paper towels, put it in a Ziploc, and placed it in the freezer.  She eventually forced my uncle to take the pie home. He kept it in his freezer for a while but finally convinced my dad to take it off his hands because he was trying to give up sugar and didn’t want the temptation.

My dad put it in HIS freezer, and it stayed there until we were on our way to a Christmas party with my stepmother’s family and realized we didn’t have anything to bring with us. Then we remembered, the pie! We took it out of the freezer and took it to my step-aunt’s house where she sat it on the counter to thaw. When it was still rock-hard several hours later, we unwrapped the paper-toweled, Ziploc-ed pied and discovered it was made of porcelain.

My grandmother’s friend had given it to her as an early Christmas present to go with the many porcelain fruits she used to decorate her kitchen. It has been passed around the family for over a month, and we never knew. It was very disappointing, because we were all looking forward to finally eating the thing!


Huge thanks to Cristin for taking the time to share this hilarious story! Make sure you’re following her on Twitter, liking her Facebook page, subscribing to her blog and adding all of her books on your GoodReads shelves.

And now the giveaway!

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**Good Luck!!**

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65 Responses to “The time it was three french hens”

  1. I'm not a huge dessert person (I'm a sucker for savory dishes with cheese), but I'd have to go with simple mint chocolate chip ice cream. I could eat that stuff forever.

  2. I was going to say cherry pie with vanilla icecream…and then I thought…no, cinnamon buns…until I saw all of the comments about cheesecake…….YES!!! CHEESECAKE!

  3. My favourite dessert is….. answer this question isn't going to be as easy as I thought… I'm such a greedy person, I love every kind of dessert! My mom always wonders how can I eat so many pieces of pie/cake, when I'm barely able to finish my dinner! xD Anyway.. I think my favourite dessert is Tiramisù! I love it!

  4. At this point in time? Warm, gooey brownies hot out of the oven topped with vanilla bean ice cream sounds PERFECT. Though in all reality anything with chocolate will do–I'm a chocoholic and loving it!

  5. Ha! Funny about the cherry pie! My family, too, has a weird story related to porcelain. It involves the attempted flushing of fake porcelain dog poop (and subsequent breaking of the toilet).

    Anyway, my favorite dessert is any kind of cookie. :) (And for some reason, I can't get my name to post. It's Franny.)

  6. Cheesecake forever!!!!! :-) I love lime cheesecake, or blueberry cheesecake that I had in London once. Sooo good.
    Thanks for all the awesome giveaways.

  7. OMG!!! I could completely relate to your disappointment of not getting the pie… :) I had face such disappointments when I have to be at college and and my brother is at home during some holiday, the whole day I will be like- OK so mom has prepared this dish and once I get home I will be able to devour it but BAM!!! when I reach home it's all finished and who finished it? no brainier, it has to be my li'l brother.

    My favorite desert is a Indian sweet- 'gulab jamun' (it the Indian Name, I don't know what it is called in English)

  8. Is there a dessert that isn't my favourite? Cheesecake for sure, chocolate cake, anything rich and decadent or chocolate! I LOVED this story. I still have to pick up a copy since the one I read was from the library. I can't wait for book 2! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  9. Anything with chocolate, cheesecake (I have actually tried every single variety at the Cheesecake Factory), Napoleons, Mango Pie, Jamaica Black Rum Cake. …..:)

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