The time it was bookish mail {11}

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Here we are for another episode of Look What I Got in the Mail! Let’s look, shall we?


So.  I think I made it pretty clear just how much I loved Ask Again Later when I fangirled all over Liz Czukas. And everyone knows just how much patience I have… It  sort of goes without saying that when I saw that Liz was going to be signing and a friend was going, I asked to get a copy.  Hopefully, she’ll come to the west coast and I’ll be able to get my arc signed.


When Liza was giving away a copy of Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg, it was one of the only contests that I consistently tweeted the giveaway tweet every day.  I loved loved loved that book and my greedy hands were itching for a signed copy. And then one day, Liza told me that I won! Apparently my “DONT ENTER BECAUSE I WANT IT” tweets worked!  I missed meeting Elizabeth at FoB, but hopefully she’ll come back to the west coast and I can fangirl over her properly.


After reading Faking Normal, a signed copy was mandatory.  I was able to get my hands on an arc [thank you, Rachel!!].  I contacted Courtney about sending it to her and she agreed!  She sent it back with all sorts of awesome bookmarks and stickers.  I really need her to get to SoCal so I can flail.


I’m obviously part of Team Lainey.  I just happened to see Paula tweet out that the first member of Team Lainey who replied to her would get an arc of The Art of Lainey. I lucked out and was the winner!  As soon as I read it, I started bugging Paula to give me Micah and she did! I haven’t gotten it in writing yet, but I do have a tweet with proof.  Annnnd, Paula added it in her guest post about ending her trilogy.  So, back off.


Do I even need to give a back story about Anita? By now my complete and total adoration of her has gotta be common knowledge.  There was an idea that Anita was going to be coming to San Diego in March, so I held onto my hardcover copy of Unhinged to get signed. Alas, she wasn’t able to come out…  I emailed her and asked if I could send her my copy since we didn’t have plans to see each other any time soon [sobsobsob].  Not only did she agree, but she gave me Jeb in writing!  He’s allllll mine!! [And Bethany’s]


Obviously, I’m a spoiled brat, but I think that’s common knowledge.


What books have you gotten in the mail?

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4 Responses to “The time it was bookish mail {11}”

  1. Those signatures…aaah! That is just so ridiculously awesome! ^.^ I have one book signed by Jessica Brody that I won, but that’s it. I would SO love to meet some of my favourite authors and get signatures. Ahhh dreaming!

    • Stacee

      It is pretty cool to live somewhere that everyone eventually ends up. I know I’m very lucky. Hopefully you’ll get to meet some authors in the future!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I am seeing Paula Stokes this summer and I WILL make her write an amendment that says I get Micah on the weekends if I like him as much as you do. ;P But I’m so glad you enjoyed her new contemp…I love when authors can do different genres well and I think she’s definitely nailed it! Happy reading, Stacee!

    • Stacee

      Rachel, I am completely ignoring this comment. At least the attempt to steal Micah portion of it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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