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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me talking about an awesome email I got last week, offering up some Throne of Glass goodies.  Well, today is the day you find out what it is…

But before we get to that, some background.  A few years ago, I was invited by Bloomsbury to be a Throne of Glass ambassador for Sarah’s books.  The publicist who invited me actually called me out for being an epic fangirl.  Apparently, I was well known around the office for loving Sarah and her books and that’s why I was offered a coveted spot.

Flash forward to last week, I got a surprise email from Litographs. They mentioned that they knew I was an ambassador and they wanted to let me know about a new line they were set to launch…

IMG_8451If you’re not familiar with Litographs, they take entire books, put them in a design that represents the work, and print it on shirts, posters, and totes.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

That’s right.  Litographs has launched a Throne of Glass line!!!


Here’s the shirt:


And the poster and tote:

ToG–Poster ToG-ToteIsn’t it awesome?


But wait there’s more!

Litographs has so awesomely offered up a gift certificate for $34 to binge on the new Throne of Glass line! Winner will get a code emailed to them that can be entered at checkout.  Additional giveaway rules are here.

Click here to get details on Sarah’s line. And if you just can’t wait and you NEED to buy something from Sarah’s line today, enter the code CELAENA to get $5 off! {Coupon good for today only}.

Huge thanks to Litographs for the invitation and this ever so generous giveaway!

Now go forth and enter!!

**Good Luck!!**

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24 Responses to “The time it was about Litographs”

  1. That’s a hard question. I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far. I’m trying to stretch out the remaining books I need to read since the next book isn’t out for a very long time. Wish I had a Tardis so I could travel to the future for all the books I want. Loved Throne Of Glass and Crown Of Midnight. I’m currently reading A Court Of Thorns And Roses. I do love the covers. Good job to whoever happens to be in charge of them.

  2. Jamie Coudeville

    My favorite is probably Heir of Fire, although I’m about to get my hands on ACOTAR so I might change my mind soon =)

  3. Omg what is this magic?! Asking one to choose her favorite Sarah book is like asking to booksellers a favorite child. It just can’t be done, I am scooting over to this shop now! Love it!!

  4. ReadiculousGirl

    A Court of Thorns and Roses has been my absolute favorite book of Sarah’s, but I also love Throne of Glass. Thanks so much for the AMAZING giveaway!

  5. Sam

    I’m currently reading HoF and I haven’t read ACOTAR so it isn’t part of my options, my favorite would be CoM for now

  6. JJ

    Heir of Fire is my favourite so far, although I’ll probably have changed my mind completely when Queen of Shadows comes out!

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