The time it was a new email set up

Posted July 27, 2015 by Stacee in Ramblings / 3 Comments

So, for a while, I’ve been hearing rumors on the interwebz that Feedburner is coming to an end.  Some of these articles are from years ago, some are from months ago, but I did find one dated last month.  I’m a bit paranoid and always expect these rumors to come to fruition when I’m unable to do anything about them {I don’t know where I’m expecting myself to be…}, but coupled with the constant unreliability, it seemed like time to sit down and figure some stuff out.


I’ve disabled the Feedburner subscription on the blog and have upgraded to Mail Chimp.  I would like to say that everything is perfectly set up and there won’t be issues, but to be completely honest, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I was sent an awesome tutorial and I was able to complete all of the steps {and I’ve sent myself all sorts of test things to all 5 of my emails}, so hopefully there will be a seamless transition.

This post is just an FYI. If you were subscribed and all of a sudden you’re not getting emails, or you’re getting duplicates, let me know.  I am still working on making it pretty, so disregard the fact that it doesn’t line up.

And as always, your support just blows me away.


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    • Stacee

      Take a look at the tutorial I linked to in the post. It has step by step instructions and I was able to understand it and do it myself.

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