The time it was Top Ten Tuesday {6}

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Let’s just disregard the fact that today is Wednesday…

top ten

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

1. Michelle Hodkin — She had me at the first page of Unbecoming, but throw in Noah Shaw {he’s mine, I have proof} and I’m like putty in her hands.  Mindfuckery is one of my favorite things to read and Michelle is a master of it.  I can’t wait to see what she puts out next.

2. A.G. Howard — I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland and Anita’s retelling is creepy and delicious.  Not to mention, she created a delicious boy who should always be wet. {Jeb is mine, I have proof}. Anita spoils me and I’ve been able to beta read a few of the upcoming things she’s got happening.  Let me assure you that all of her words are magic.

3. Tamara Ireland Stone — I got a copy of Time Between Us at ALA years ago.  I picked it up on a whim and absolutely fell in love with Bennett the story and characters that she created.  She was already 100% on my auto-buy list, but then Every Last Word came out and I just don’t have words for what she’s given us.  Definitely check it out. Oh, and Bennett is mine, I have proof.

4. Susan Dennard — Zombies + a kick ass heroine + Daniel = sign me up forever. Sooz’s Something Strange and Deadly series is one of my top five favorites. I will {and have} read her grocery list.

5. Megan Erickson — With Megan’s books, there’s always a guarantee for great MCs and a HEA: two requirements in the books I love.  I can’t recommend her stories enough.

6. Paula Stokes — I enjoyed Paula’s words when she was writing as Fiona Paul, but her voice has really come to life when she’s writing under her own name. I adore Liars Inc. and The Art of Lainey {Micah is mine, I have proof}, but her 2016 book Girl Against the Universe is perfection. Be sure to add it to your TBR.

7. Kasie West, Emery Lord, Stephanie Perkins — Sure, they’re different people, but all three ladies write the best contemporary books out there.  We all know how picky I am about contemp and they never disappoint.

8. Elizabeth Norris — Time traveling boy who includes the f-bomb when saying ILY? Yes. Please.  It’s been a while since she’s had something come out, but I’m beyond excited to see what it is.

9. Brighton Walsh — I think I’ve expressed my undying love and affection for Brighton, yes? Just go get everything she has written.  Now.

10. Veronica Rossi — Doesn’t matter if she’s writing under Veronica or as part of Noelle August, she’s always a must read.

11. Sarah J. Maas — I mean, obvs.


This was a bit easy for me because I have a shelf on GR for the authors I will forever read. Okay, so maybe I cheated, but with a list like that, who could blame me?


Who are some of your auto-buy authors?

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