The time it was a cover reveal {7}

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I think you guys know that I’m part of the Blogger Caravan for the Dark Passage books by Heather Demetrios, right? Well today, the Caravaners get to reveal the new redesigned cover for Exquisite Captive and the cover for book two, Blood Passage.  I was also able to do a mini interview with Heather, but that’s after the covers. caravanAre you ready for the new cover for Exquisite Captive?




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A jinni who’s lost everything.

A master with nothing to lose.

A revolutionary with everything to gain.

When Nalia arrives in Morocco to fulfil Malek’s third and final wish she’s not expecting it to be easy. Though Nalia is free from the shackles that once bound her to Malek as his slave, she’s in more danger than ever before.

Meanwhile, Malek’s past returns with a vengeance as he confronts the darkness within himself, and Raif must decide what’s more important: his love for Nalia, or his devotion to the cause of Arjinnan freedom.

Set upon by powerful forces that threaten to break her, Nalia encounters unexpected allies and discovers that her survival depends on the very things she thought made her weak. From the souks of Marrakech to the dunes of the Sahara, The Arabian Nights come to life in this dazzling second installment of the Dark Passage Cycle.

Aren’t they beautiful?


I love the font and that texture…gah.

Annnnnnd here’s my quick interview with Heather:

1. Please give the elevator pitch for the series.

Pulled between dark forces and a still darker history, a jinni fights to reclaim her stolen heritage and discovers her world is not what she believed it to be.

2. Why do you love Nalia and why should we root for her?

I love that Nalia isn’t perfect. Sometimes she makes bad choices to protect the people she loves, heedless of the consequences. She’s fierce and loyal and a badass warrior. You can’t help but root for her because there’s so much she’s up against and she never gives up.

3. Without spoilers, what has been your favorite scene to write so far?

It’s a tie between two scenes in the book. The first isn’t a spoiler: In Marrakesh, Morocco there’s a place called a souk, which is a covered, dense market where they sell anything from daggers to elaborate lamps to amber oil. I created a souk within the souk for the jinn where they deal in magic. It was so much fun to write, especially because I went to Morocco to do research for the book. I fell in love with the souks there.

The second favorite scene in the book was when I got to finally have something big that I’d been waiting for pay off. It takes place in a cave full of glowworms and it’s damn sexy, if I do say so myself.


Demetrios Author Photo for ECWhen she’s not traipsing around the world or spending time in imaginary places, Heather Demetrios lives with her husband in New York City. Heather has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a recipient of the PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award for her debut novel, Something Real.

She is the founder of Live Your What, an organization dedicated to fostering passion in people of all ages and creating writing opportunities for underserved youth.


Huge thanks to Balzer+Bray for letting the Caravan do the cover reveal and to Heather for taking the time.  Make sure you’re checking out Heather’s website, following her on Twitter, liking her Facebook page, and adding all of her books to your Goodreads TBR shelf.

Click here for a 10 page excerpt for Blood Passage. Go here for all sorts of goodies {like playlists and Pinterest boards} that have to do with the Dark Caravan series.

Blood Passage comes out on 3/16/16. Pre-order it at Harper | IndieBound | B & N | Amazon  And enter the Goodreads giveaway too!

What do you think of the redesigned covers?

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  1. Stunning post Stacee. <3 Thank you so much for sharing about the covers for these books :D I.. well. To be honest, I don't like the new covers at all. Sigh. But I'm still curious about the books :)

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