The time it was about The Remnant Chronicles {4}

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Well, here we are for my last post on The Remnant Chronicles read along. This last three months has been a lot of fun.  I talked about one of my favorite lines in Kiss of Deception, got to interview Mary, and now I should be talking about all things Beauty of Darkness.

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Since I’m not finished with the book {I’m purposely dragging it out}, I was at a loss at what to do.  Thankfully, not only is Christina is my kindred spirit and favorite person, she was the brains of the operation when I had nothing to offer.  So, she suggested a list of reasons to start reading the series.  And since it’s Tuesday, it fits with my own version of TTT.

Top Ten Reasons to read The Remnant Chronicles:

1. Kissing — And yeah, this series has a lot of it.

2. Great characters — Lia, Rafe, and Kaden have all grown so much in the span of these books, but {so far} they’ve all stayed true to what they believed in and fought for.

3. Strong females — I love when female MCs can be true friends with other women without bitchiness or slut shaming. While there aren’t loads of female relationships in this series, the ones that are featured are lovely.


4. Mindfuckery — In Kiss of Deception, there are two secret POVs added: the prince and the assassin.  Nothing is revealed until the very end and OMG I WASN’T READY.

5. Did I mention kissing?

6. Pretty prose — Mary has come up with some of the prettiest passages and descriptions. I want to roll around in her words.


7. World building — There are several kingdoms and towns and outposts and random fields and more. They’re all designed with intricacies and subtle nuances that make them all feel like a place I could travel to. Not to mention magic and special gifts and and and…this book has a lot going on in the best way possible.

8. Betrayals — This series will definitely keep you on your toes with all of the secrets and backstabbing and gossip…or as Lia might call it: a normal day at court.

9. But let’s not forget about the kissing.


10. And like I told Mary enough times to actually get a mention in the acknowledgements about it: KISSING.


Have you read these books?  What’s one reason you would give someone to read them?

Don’t forget that there will be a Twitter chat and a Beauty of Darkness trivia game on the 31th at 9pm EST.  I’m in charge of the trivia and I’m having a lot of fun getting my questions together.  I hope you can join us.

For more details about the 3 month TRC extravaganza + a giveaway, go to the original post!

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      Oooh. That would be fun! Has she read the last one yet? I also love the covers, they’re awesome.

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