The time it was about Friday Favorites {3}

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Here we are for our second installment of Friday Favorites!  I’ll be totally honest, I was excited to see today’s guest on the sign up sheet.  I talk to them on Twitter all the time and I have an irrational love of the idea that they use they’re fictional and use the royal we.


Today, Arkon & Annie are here! Let’s welcome them to the blog!


Describe your blog or IG in 3 words:

Our Instagram: unrelenting vibrant colour

Our blog would be hard if we wanted to be really meaningful about it, but honestly it’s just: reviews and stuff


Tell us three random facts about you:

  1.  We hope to be a lawyer. We’re currently a prep course for the first year of college and it’s really interesting. We’re mostly interested in criminal law which is just so fascinating!
  2. Our favourite colour is red. When we were little we’d refuse to drink from a bottle that didn’t have a red lid.
  3. Our hands are littered with little scars, but we won’t tell you why. Gotta keep some air of mystery, no?

What book world would you want to live in?

Definitely the Harry Potter world post Voldemort. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a magical place?

Favourite Author:

J. K Rowling. We love her and we think the world is infinitely more magical because she’s in it. We know it’s probably a cliche answer because so many people when asked this question would choose her. For us though, she’s more than just the books she’s written. She’s a woman who’s overcome poverty, a bad marriage, been a single mother on benefits and faced judgement because of it. We have this dream of being an Irish version of her in regards to her books because they’re magical, full of friendship and wonder. With her Comorman Strike books they’re also intriguing and mysterious. So…yeah. Definitely J. K Rowling.


Favourite Book:

While that’s something we couldn’t possibly decide in a single lifetime, we can definitely choose a favourite series. The Skulduggery Pleasant series. While we love HP, it doesn’t send our hearts racing in the same way Skul and Val do. Derek Landy, an Irish author writes them and the books and full of humour, action and magic. There’s an abundance of sarcasm and so many amazing things.

The best part about the series though and this really is the best part.

Derek Landy is writing a second series and our dearest China Sorrows will be back on the page in front of us. We’ll say only two things about her. She’s supreme and loves books as much as we do.

Favourite Movie:

Easily The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It’s essentially about a group of older people travelling to India for a new life of sorts. There’s nothing holding them back and each one of them is beautiful.

There’s actors like Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Judi Dench. The movie has great writing and locations because of course it’s in India and the landscape of that country is gorgeous.

Favourite Show: 

Sense8- if you haven’t seen this show then you’re missing out.


There’s eight main characters and they span the globe over at least six continents. Without giving too much away the show goes through their singular and connected to journeys because they’re mind are all linked.

They become more than just themselves.

Actors such as Tina Desai (from the movie we mentioned above), Doona Bae, Tuppence Middleton, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Jamie Clayton, Max Riemelt, Aml Ameen Brian J. Smith, Freema Agyeman and Daryll Hannah star.

We’re so obsessed with the show that when it first came out we regular stalked the Facebook page to see the number of likes climb. Once it hit one million we stopped and began stalking the actor’s Instagram pages as well as the official one.

It was agonizing waiting for the season two renewal, but we got it so it’s all good!

Favourite Band:

Florence + The Machine. Obviously aha. You’ve heard their song for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children right? Florence’s vocals and everything about it is heavenly.

Favourite Blog:

It’s honestly between you dearest and Cait over at Paper Fury. For entirely different reasons we love your blogs and in no way can we choose so there. The both of you are perfect for our answer.

Favourite Instagram:

Everyone we follow. Honestly. Go check them out and follow and….while you’re at it, follow us too? :P

Favourite Blog Post:

This is out of our own stuff yeah? Our review of Empire of Storms is quite honestly the post we’re most proud of because it was tough to write.

Favourite Insta:



Huge thanks to Arkon & Annie for signing up and sharing with us.  Click here to find them on their blog!

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      Thank you!! I’m excited about getting to know some of the other bloggers and bookstagrammers in the universe. :D

  1. Yay :D Lovely post Stacee. <3 Both of these people seems awesome :D Loved reading all of this. Though, heh, your post confused me a little bit :D You say it is the second post, but title says 3rd. Yet I cannot remember commenting on more than one post before this one. But now I'm confused, haha :D Sorry. <3 Anyway. You are awesome :)

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      I counted the introductory post where I’m talking about it and have the sign up form as the first one. :D

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