The time it was about Friday Favorites {5}

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Here we are for another installment of Friday Favorites! Today’s guest is someone I’ve talked to on Twitter for a while now and I was thrilled to see that she signed up.


Let’s welcome Carrie from Paper Bindings!


Describe your blog and/or IG in 3 words.

Life and books.

Paper Bindings | Life, Books, and Everything in Between

Tell us 3 random facts about you.

  1. I’m a steampunk adventurer from an alternate reality that got stuck in a world without dragons. Oh, the stories I could tell you…
  2. I wanted to be a starship captain when I grew up. Alas, technology isn’t quite there for me to live that dream.
  3. Stephen King’s works traumatized me as a child and scarred me for life. I am afraid of clowns, children, rabid dogs, tunnels with dead people, the list goes on. I mean I can’t even look at a leaf floating down towards the sewer and not think of It. Yeah, I’m never visiting Maine. Ever.

What book world would you want to live in?

Honestly? None of them. The places where all my favorite characters live are, well, let’s just say I’d die horribly and quickly if I ever visited them.


Author: My all time favorite might just be Katie MacAlister. She was one of the first authors who got me into reading for fun. She writes about dragons, witches, and other paranormal entities, all things I love. Plus her books are full of my kind of humor.

Book: My all time favorite book is a super hard question for me to answer. The fact is, I just don’t know. But my most recent 5 star read was The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. I am not a contemporary girl, give me dragons and magic any day, but this book just grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go.

Movie/tv show: My favorite TV show is Stargate. *hums theme song* I got into it while new episodes were still airing and pretty much binged watched several seasons over a vacation to catch up. They just don’t make shows like that anymore.

Band: Blackmore’s Night – I own nearly all of their albums now and I can listen to the songs over and over and never get tired of them.

Blog: I’m going to say Cornerfolds. I always loved checking out her blog before I ever started talking to Tracy and found out she was such a wonderful person

Instagram account: My Friends are Fiction. She has come a long way in a short span of time, and her photos are always so gorgeous. Seeing her updates always gives me hope that with practice and dedication mine too can come out wonderful.

What is your favorite blog post and/or instagram photo from your account?

My (current) favorite bookstagram photo is here. I love it because it is so simple and yet looking at it I can see how far I have come since I first started bookstagram.

My (current) favorite blog post is here. I always feel bad DNFing a book, and yet as this post reminds me, I feel so much better when I focus on books I am enjoying.


Huge thanks to Carrie for signing up and sharing with us!  You can find her on her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and GoodreadsAnd today is her birthday, so be sure to leave her some love!!

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3 Responses to “The time it was about Friday Favorites {5}”

  1. This was great! Those 3 random facts were awesome. I *SO* feel you on the Stephen King thing. I got literal chills just thinking about the floating leaf. And I will not go near a sewer crate or street drains. Like, I’ve literally crossed the street a few times to avoid them. Not my jam, also scarred forever.

    Nice to meet you, Carrie! As always, KP, thank you for sharing. *hops on your lap and smacks a kiss on your cheek* IWLYMHFMHFTSTTMFSFMH!

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