The time it was about the Quarterly box

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I got an invite to receive a Literary YA box from Quarterly and I was so excited after I heard what it was about.  Before I get to sharing my unboxing photos, let me tell you about how it works.

“Receive three books a quarter, including a brand new release annotated by the author with hand-written notes, two more curated titles and delightful bookish goods—all delivered to your doorstep.” — taken from the Quarterly website

So, basically, you get one box every three months.

In the box I received, SJ Kincaid was the curating author.  The box included a finished copy of The Diabolic with a signed book plate, a copy of Unwind by Neal Shusterman, and The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow.  There was also a game called Love Letter and an envelope with some papers inside.

As for a review of sorts: I was quite excited to see The Diabolic and the handwritten annotations.  I’ve seen good things about this book and I’m eager to have behind the scenes info while I’m reading. Plus, it’s not just a few post-its here and there, it looks like there are a lot of them. The other two books sound interesting, so I’ll probably get to them eventually.  As for the game, I like the reason why it was chosen, but it’s not something I would ever play. The info from SJ Kincaid giving a bit of a background about her book as well as the info for the items she curated was interesting.  Plus it’s a nice personal touch that ties everything together.

At first it did sound a bit pricey {$49 + shipping}, but after I opened the box and saw everything inside, I think it’s a fair price.  Especially considering it equates to $17 a month.  I’ll definitely be looking into future boxes.

Huge thanks to Quarterly for offering the box!

The next box is curated by Jeff Giles, the author of Edge of Everything, and you can subscribe here.

Have you read The Diabolic?

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